case studies

Our Clients

1.    One of our key-realisation is the design and the direction of an international programme. The objective is to align all the managers of an engineering department on an innovative leadership approach by asking them participative development initiatives.

This programme consists in class-room training days followed by a coaching support in order for every manager to develop a tailor-made organisational solution for one’s team. This solution, according to its positioning, can be chosen by a top executive committee and implemented in the global organisation.
It is entirely realised in collaboration with the client’s teams: more than 1400 participants of 5 countries have attended the programme until now. Ansor is in charge of the design, of the leadership facilitation and of the project assessment with 4 facilitators and one logistics assistant, the client coordinates the project with 13 internal technical trainers, 4 logistics assistants, 2 executive VPs and 5 internal sponsors.

2.    We coached the managers of a Belgian group into the cultural change of Flexiwork. After a preparation time in a remote team, arbitrary created for the training, each manager takes part in a one-day coaching-mode workshop: what to face? Which best practices? This process enabled them to work in a collective intelligence mode on a topic shared by all. 1200 trained managers by 8 facilitators-coaches, all top-notched experts in virtual leadership, technological base used: Yammer.